How to conduct a survey
  Questions to be answered before
Questions to be answered before

Questions to be answered before:

It’s wise that you clearly define the goal and objective of your survey before investing too much time and money in it. The following questions are a few that you should think about:
  1. Why is this survey needed (what are the reasons)? What is the goal and objective of this survey (what are you trying to accomplished)?
  2. Who is this survey for (what to ask is depending who you are going to ask)?
  3. How are you going about doing it (resource, tools, people, material, etc)?
  4. When do you expect to see the result (set due date)?
  5. Does your organization or your boss support this?
  6. Have you addressed the issue of confidentiality and privacy issues?
  7. What are the areas of focus in the survey?  Is it culture, quality, employee relations, customer relation, communication, or performance evaluation?
  8. How will the survey be conducted? and how will the survey be collected?
  9. What are the response rate target?  How big the sample of survey should  be?
  10. Will this just be one time deal or continuous?
  11. Who will be responsible for the survey administration?
  12. Who will design the survey and what standard is being used?
  13. Who will process the survey data and what type of report analysis need to be generated?
  14. How will the survey result be used?
  15. Who will be responsible for follow-up activities?
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